On January 30th, the Development and Engagement Platform (DEP) presented findings on the Needs Assesment Study on Employability of Youth with Disabilities.

The study was conducted within the project “Promoting Employability of Youth with Disabilities” funded by the European Union under its Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellowship Programme.

The findings were presented by Tamar Zviadadze, co-director of DEP and project author. Experts of state, non-governmental and international organisations working in the field of employment support of persons with disabilities were present at the event.

After the presentation, a discussion among stakeholders took place. The necessity of coordinated work between governmental structures and CSOs to advocate for the employment of persons with disabilities was highlighted. The importance of multidisciplinary teamwork in the process of counseling persons with disabilities was also emphasized as well as the necessity to raise awareness of employers on the issues of persons with disabilities.

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